Contemporary art in the new museum

Introducing contemporary art into the museum is an important feature of the renovation process. In mid-2015, the museum launched a call for projects for the highly symbolic rotunda hall. Kinshasa-based Congolese artist aimé Mpané won the commission. The work he created for the rotunda, entitled “Nouveau soufflé ou le Congo bourgeonnant” dialogues with the gilded statues in the niches.

Contemporary artworks will also be installed in other symbolically-charged areas, where they will call out the museum’s colonial aspects. The artist residencies of Freddy Tsimba and Eddy Ekete, two artists from Kinshasa, took place in the framework. Moreover, several works were purchased for the new permanent exhibition: L’Arbre généalogique Tome I by Aimé Ntakiyica (Burundi) and Mémoire Hévéa by Michèle Magema (DRC). Barly Baruti (Brussels) also received a commission for the new permanent exhibit.