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Volunteer work @ the AfricaMuseum

Last Saturday the museum organized its very first info session for future volunteers.
AfricaMuseum is known as one of the world’s most beautiful and impressive museums devoted to Africa, so you can imagine their keen interest in being an active part of it! About 20 enthusiastic future volunteers enjoyed an informative afternoon that included a special visit to the construction site.

The museum is developing volunteer work opportunities so that members of the public can play an active part in the project. A whole range of possibilities will be available.
Even before the museum reopens, some volunteers can already lend a hand during specific activities, such as the return of the museum’s masterpieces or preparations of reopening festivities.
They can also help set up the exhibitions and the welcome pavilion by installing or moving museum pieces and fittings. And just by being ambassadors for the museum, our volunteers will already be making a great contribution to our efforts to develop these opportunities.
AfricaTube is also based on volunteer work. It has already been mentioned in previous blog posts. It is a specific project inviting young volunteers aged 16 to 26 to be part of this interactive and digital platform that selects videos from the internet to show a more contemporary Africa, and show its innovative, creative, and dynamic face.

Stay tuned!

De bezoeker vertelt… / Le visiteur raconte…

Tijdens het laatste open weekend op 30 november en 1 december 2013 stond er in het museum een ‘babbelbox’. Groot en klein kon in 30 seconden vertellen wat het museum voor hen betekende en dat berichtje werd gefilmd. Hier een selectie van deze gefilmde berichtjes (afwisselend in het Nederlands en het Frans).

Lors du week-end de fermeture les 30 novembre et 1er décembre 2013, un « vidéomaton » était installé dans le musée. Petits et grands pouvaient y exprimer en 30 secondes ce que le musée représentait pour eux, face à une caméra. Voici une sélection de ces messages filmés (en alternance en français et en néerlandais).